Levi's Ties One on for Gay Marriage

Jeans giant joins White Knot campaign

"Everyone has the right to tie the knot."

That's the idea behind the White Knot campaign.

Campaign founder Frank Voci came up with the idea after the passage of Prop 8 in November, but Tuesday's decision by the California Supreme Court to uphold the ban on gay marriage gave new life to the movement.

Whether you are gay or straight, the right to marry should be a given, the group maintains, and asks everyone to tie a little white knot on some item of clothing they're wearing.

The New York Times points out that celebrities are doing it -- Anne Hathaway wore one to President Barack Obama's inauguration, Kathy Griffith wore one in a strategic place while in a bikini and Michael Bloomberg even donned one at a rally for gay marriage earlier this month.

Now Levi's mannequins are getting into the groove too.

The company is dressing the storefront mannequins in 20 stores from New York to San Francisco in white and tying white ribbons on belt loops and button holes.

“Our design team was seeking something that would resonate beyond just fashion but also fit with our white product theme,” Rene Holguin, senior vice president for global creative services for the Levi’s brand told the Times.

The coast-to-coast campaign is the latest sign of the times that San Francisco, the home of Levi Strauss & Company and the original leader of the gay rights movement, is not the only gay-friendly city anymore -- even though the highest court in California seems to be way behind.

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