“Linda, Listen!” 3-Year-Old's Cupcake Argument With Mom Goes Viral

Three-year-old Mateo likes to argue. A lot.

When Mateo's mom Linda took a YouTube video of him arguing and arguing with her over cupcakes, it didn’t just get a few clicks, it went viral.

As of Tuesday, Linda and Mateo’s video had more than 3 million hits and 2,082 comments.

It was picked up by a number of sites and even featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ellen also posted the video on her Facebook page, saying: “I want this little boy to come to my show immediately. I want to retain him as my lawyer.”

And Linda and Mateo – who are from San Jose, Calif. – are actually on their way to the Ellen Show.

(Editor's note: Mateo and Linda appeared on the March 18 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. We've posted a full recap and a clip of the segment.)

“My 3-year-old must argue and debate everything,” Linda Beltran wrote on her YouTube page.

And she’s right. Mateo is a debating machine, unabashedly referring to his mom as “Linda” and “honey” in the video in order to prove a point about why he should have cupcakes for dinner.

When Linda asks Mateo why he asked his grandma for cupcakes even though she told him “no cupcakes,” Mateo tries to reason with her.

“You need to listen to me ‘cos I’m the mom,” Linda says. And then after a while: "I'm done arguing with you."

But Mateo keeps pleading his case: “Linda, listen, listen, listen … You are not listening to me.”

Linda has also posted other videos of Mateo on YouTube, including those of Mateo singing and making lunch.

According to RTM, Linda taught her son to use her first name for emergency purposes. And this time, the site said, the emergency turned out to be cupcakes.

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