Ling Sisters Shopping Book Deal: Report

Just one week after getting home, Laura Ling moves on

The story of California's best-known sister duo may be coming to a book shelf near you.

Lisa and Laura Ling are shopping out a book on the meaning of sisterhood and journalistic ideals, according to a Wall Street Journal blog writer who talked to a publisher familiar with the pitch.

The source said the book will get into Ling's recent captivity in North Korea, but only in "a larger context."

The book is being represented by Suzanne Gluck, according to the Journal.

Lisa Ling is a nationally-known journalist and celebrity who started on The View and now works for Oprah, the National Geographic channel and CNN.

The idea of a book came at breakneck speed. North Korea released Laura Ling and her Current TV co-worker, Euna Lee, one week ago.

The two were on assignment when they were caught crossing over the border of North Korea illegally on March 17.

Former President Bill Clinton flew to the country to secure their release.

Since being home, Lee has spent most of her time with her family including her 4-year-old daughter, Hana.

 "I will wait for the time when Hana truly believes that Mommy's always there for her, then I will be free to share my stories and experiences in North Korea and be able to express how thankful I am," Lee wrote in a statement released yesterday.


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