Lingerie Is Better Than a Box of Chocolates on Valentine's Day

Bay Area fashionista offers poignant advice ahead of the day of love

Alla Prima Fine Lingerie beacons as the spotlight plays up Valentine’s Day.

A gift of intimate apparel is guaranteed to be a favorite. As it comes as no surprise that slipping into beautiful underclothes and feeling a transformation from ordinary to extraordinary is habit forming.

But why is it so? Because exquisite intimate apparel is alluring, flattering, seductive and totally feminine. Its as effective as diamonds.

Just ask the devoted clients of Alla Prima Fine Lingerie. This select group of frequent consumers is mounting as they become increasingly aware of the powerful aphrodisiac brought on by wearing well designed enchanting lingerie.

Devotees will also eagerly attest to the fact that donning superior under clothes is an instant mood elevator. Yes, collecting sumptuous lingerie is self-indulgent and yes, its a wonderful feeling!

Another splendid attraction to designer lingerie is knowing that the lovely laces of Chantilly and Calais along with intricate trims from other regions of France are used to enhance most items.

Along with an array of laces to choose from, there is a diversified color selection available at this local atelier. It encompasses a spectrum from classic basics to hues of the current fashion palette.

While style and design runs the gamut for every circumstance, quality is always in the forefront at Alla Prima. Wearing beautiful lingerie is a luxury and most definitely a sweet reward of our toil.

Stepping into either of the well stocked, well merchandised, well maintained shops in itself is a delightful experience. The interiors have been successfully created to look more like lovely tranquil rooms then retail stores. The staff is welcoming, friendly and trained to be sizing experts.

Privately owned Alla Prima qualifies to join the list of San Francisco’s shining star entrepreneurs.

Become a fan of Alla Prima Fine Lingerie by visiting one or both of the addresses.

In San Francisco:

Hayes Valley: 539 Hayes St. - 415-864-8180
North Beach: 1420 Grant Ave. - 415-397-4077

Or on the web at

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