LinkedIn Plans to Go Big in Mountain View, Add 10,000 Workers

Polish off your resum -- LinkedIn may be hiring. A lot of people.

LinkedIn may soon be hiring.

The professional social network has submitted notice to Mountain View of plans to expand its original headquarters on Stierlin Court and a newly-leased property on Shoreline Drive. Preliminary plans call for the construction of offices big enough to house up to 10,000 employees.

"The market is very hot and this is a very desirable area," Mountain View Mayor Chris Clark said.

Up to 2.6 million square feet of office space could be built in the South Bay city in separate projects in the North Bayshore part of the city and near Highway 101.

LinkedIn's possible expansion likely will increase traffic in the area -- a concern many residents have.

"We live on Shoreline and some days you can't even get out," resident Diane Swail said.

Clark said the city is working to balance increased growth with quality of life. The city council is currently working on developing a long-term growth plan and will consider economic and environmental impacts along with how to manage parking and traffic, the mayor said.

"What we're planning to do is actually put caps on the number of vehicles that can come and go off Shoreline during peak periods," Clark said. "And those will be tied to capacity of the intersections."

LinkedIn has been in an expansion mode, with new offices in San Francisco and in Sunnyvale, but has also pledged to remain a presence in its hometown of Mountain View.

The Mountain View city council will consider LinkedIn's request at a meeting on May 27.

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