List: Everything You Can Ask Siri on the IPhone 4S

Siri may sound like its dully replying to you from inside a bottomless tin can, but the voice-activated assistant is one of the most interesting iPhone 4S features that Apple's got comin'. Wonder what Siri can do for you? Well, this humongous list is pretty much everything you can ask of your iPhone 4S.

TUAW has a breakdown of what you can ask Siri by category alongside example questions from Apple. The wording here isn't exact, but this will give you a good idea of the kind of questions the stone-voiced Siri can field. Haven't heard Siri speak? It up the video below to find out what it sounds like.

Yeah, maybe Siri is really an old app made new, or the butt of jokes in Japan, or formerly a secret DARPA experiment. We're still willing to give it a fair shake.

TUAW, via MacRumors

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