Blog: Scott Budman Covers Apple Event in Cupertino

NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman was at Apple's Cupertino headquarters Monday covering the tech giant's latest unveiling event.

Apple dished out a number of new services, including a new streaming service, Apple TV Plus.

Check out the blog below to learn more about Apple TV Plus and the other new services that Apple announced:

Entry 14: 

AppleTV+ coming this fall.

No pricing announced yet.

For what it's worth, Apple shares are down today. Netflix is trading higher.

Entry 13:

Oprah's here!

Oprah is talking documentaries, and a BOOK CLUB across all devices ...

"A meeting of the minds through books."

Entry 12:

Basically, Apple will stream a ton of TV shows and movies.

Questions - how to they compete with established Netflix?

Disney is about to do this too, right?

Spielberg has criticized movies streaming before - now he's onboard?

Sara Bareilles - sounds really, really good.

Entry 11:

The stars have come out!

Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon (along with Steve Carroll)...

Kumail Nanjiani, Jason Momoa, Alfre Woodard.

Dang, I can't keep up - tweeting pics, though.

All to talk up AppleTV+

Entry 10:

Apple TV App isn't all that different from what we can already do with AppleTV, Roku, etc.

Now available on Roku and Amazon, so at least it's spreading out (remember iTunes spreading to Windows?)

Entry 9:

Now to TV.

Apple TV app seems to update (for mobile) what we can already do on the television screen.

Movies, TV, news, etc.

A streaming service.

The app is redesigned, but little else seems all that different so far.

Entry 8: 

Apple Arcade doesn't have pricing yet, so we'll have to wait.

Entry 7:

Now, games.

Apple is rolling out "Apple Arcade."

Game subscription service.

Entry 6: 

More on Apple Card:

No annual/late fees.

Like Apple Pay, they say encryption keeps transactions private (that’s big).

Partnering with big banks like Goldman Sachs (that’s dangerous).

Entry 5:

Apple Card is a new credit card from Apple .

Inside your iPhone, using machine learning to track your spending.

Gotta admit, a strange move after getting applause for privacy, but it does sound convenient.

And there are rewards.

Entry 4:

This is interesting.

Biggest cheer so far is a privacy claim ... "Apple doesn't allow advertisers to track you."

Entry 3: 

Apple News available now for $9.99/month.

Entry 2: 

Apple News Plus is the update to the company’s news service.

Trying to get more people to check for updates on their mobile devices.

Entry 1:

Tim Cook takes the stage, and makes it clear: "Today is about services."

What kind of services?

Judging by the celebs in the audience, and members of the entertainment press here, it’s all about entertainment streaming.

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