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While the song goes, "old McDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o", in this day in age, the lyrics should really be, "not so-old Farmville creator Marc Pincus had a mansion, ee-i-ee-i-o."

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While the song goes, "old McDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o", in this day in age, the lyrics should really be, "not so-old Farmville creator Marc Pincus had a mansion, ee-i-ee-i-o." While the latter certainly isn't as catchy, it's no secret that Zynga founder and CEO made a killing off of users passion for virtual farming, not to mention all the other Zynga-developed games. Pincus recently hoisted the house that Farmville built onto the market with a staggering $8.9 million price tag. Click through the photos to take a peek inside this techie turned millionaire's mansion. View the listing.
Pincus's very un-farm like mansion is located at 3855 Washington Street in the heart of the classy Presidio Heights nabe. Arguably the only downside of this location is that it's just a few doors down from Presidio Hill School, meaning that Washington Street can get quite jam-packed during school drop off and pick up times.
If you're thinking that this perfectly staged room looks like it could be stripped from the pages of a interior design catalogue then you guessed right. Pincus's wife is Alison Pincus, the founder of One Kings Lane, a home decor sale site and obvious interior decorator of this walking advertisement for One Kings Lane.
The gamer and interior decorating loving duo certainly keep their kitchen pristine. The first floor kitchen features a glass fronted upper cabinetry, a large center work island and breakfast bar, a double sink and mustard yellow tile backsplash.
Glossy green walls highlight the glam entrance foyer. While there's no exact square footage mentioned in the public listing, the four level mansion is built on an extra wide lot.
A view of the first floor-sitting room that screams One Kings Lane. In fact, some of the same upholstery in the listing photos are available on the sale site. Talk about free advertising.
A look at the home office, which PETA supporters will be none too pleased is outfitted with a cow skin rug. Let's hope it's fake.
The chic dining room features ample seating for at least eight and paned windows that look out onto the quaint garden.
The power couple have twin toddler girls who undoubtedly were bound to share this room if the duo hadn't listed the property.
The 1937 mansion features six bedrooms total -- four on the second level, one on the lower level, and the grandest of them all, a full floor penthouse.
There are 6.5 bathrooms in the Presidio Heights spread.
The master suite features a walk-in closet and separate lounge space.
A view of the classy master suite. In addition to the jaw-dropping $8.9 million asking price, buyers beware that the home also comes with a whopping $100,00 property tax fee.
According to public listings, the couple barely even had time to break-in the home. They bought it less than two years ago for $8.1 million.
While there isn't an elevator in the mansion, trekking on up to the fourth floor is well worth the thigh-burn. The penthouse features a private terrace and office space.
Perhaps, with the success of both of their respective companies, the power couple want to upgrade their digs. Or, they could merely want to relocate -- just this spring Marc Pincus successfully filed a restraining order against a Russian stripper who was reportedly stalking him.
Fleeing from a Russian stripper or not, the Pincus's sure are leaving a sweet home, which includes this large lower level play room.
After a long day harvesting fake crops and maintaing a virtual farm, there's nothing like relaxing with a glass of wine.
Despite the home's green-with-envy interior living spaces, the backyard, though well manicured, leaves a bit to be desired. It's quite small given the grand nature of the mansion.
Speculation suggests that Zynga will price its initial public offering one week before Thanksgiving. If that happens, the $8.9 million Pincus is asking for the home is going to be a drop in the bucket for the gamer.
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