Live Like the Uber Rich and Famous

Post Ranch is one of the most exclusive and most expensive hotels along the California coast.

It literally sits
on the cliffs south of Big Sur and room rates are the kind "if you have to ask, you can't afford it."

But the Highway 1 landslide in Big Sur has cost the inn. Visitors coming from the Bay Area can't get there without a lengthy detour and that has impacted the number of guests making the trek.

So Post Ranch is offering a rare sale of sorts.

It will still cost you a couple thousand dollars, but with that you get a round trip helicopter ride to and from the Monterey airport, a two night stay, two massages and access to a high-end snack bar. The aerial ride alone is worth some money as you take in the views of the coastline.
Prices start at $2,170 midweek and will go through the first week of May. Reservations can be made at (888) 524-4787.

If you haven't ever heard of Post Ranch, you can see the photo gallery at this link.

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