Apple Releases Lion, iCloud, Match

Apple is so sure you want to store your music on the cloud, it's even bringing CEO Steve Jobs back out of medical leave to deliver the news. 

After attempts by the likes of Google to bring your music to the cloud, it'll be interesting to see how Apple,  which dominates online music with its iTunes software, aims to clear space off of the drive of your laptop and iPod by storing your music on high.

Jobs will keynote the kickoff of Apple's WorldWide Developers Conference, a multi-day affair celebrating web and software creativity.  In years past, it's also where Jobs and company have introduced the latest iPhones.

Is there a "One More Thing" waiting for us again this year? Keep it here, and on Twitter @scottbudman is giving us live updates.

Live Updates:

11:59 a.m.- Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Jobs:  'One more thing."  You can upload songs that were from your CD collection (i.e., not bought from iTunes) by paying a 29.99 fee, and having Apple match your songs with songs on iTunes.  This makes the uploading process much faster, he claims, than Google or Amazon.  Are you ready to pay for access to the cloud?

11:54 a.m.-All the iCloud apps are free. Just update your device, and the cloud kicks in. No more MobileMe, it's all replaced by the cloud. All starts - today.  (cheers). Developers ready to get cracking.

11:46 a.m.-You can watch an official livestream of the event on UStream.

11:45 a.m.-New app, "Photostream," lets you take photos, have them automatically sent up to iCloud, and then from there they get sent to all of your devices.  They'll also be sent to your Apple TV, where you can see the photostream on your television.  Each photo stored in iCloud for 30 days.  You can also drag them into an album to keep forever.

11:37 a.m.-More on iCloud:  Jobs:  "Not just a drop box." iCloud to be free. New mail, shared calendars, updated app store that sends your apps and books to all of your devices.

11:26 a.m.-iCloud to store all your data automatically. Jobs: "It just works." Mobile Me? "Not our finest hour."

11:20 a.m.-New way to back up all your data automatically, when you're re-charging your devices.  Big hit of the show so far, is how you can download just about everything without your PC.  This is what Jobs talked about when he referred to the "Post-PC world."  Developers cheering about this stuff, because they have new ways to play around with software & hardware.  Apple's way of reaching out to its faithful. Still waiting for iCloud....

11:11 a.m.-You can cut the cord:  Now, you don't need a PC to launch your iPhone or iPad. And, you can download apps through the air.

11:04 a.m.-You can edit photos right on your iPhone or iPad (including redeye).  You can click to more quickly get to your camera, for pictures in the moment.  Also, you can use the volume control to snap pics quickly.

10:58 a.m.-New reminders to be built into your phone's software.  This will help you, well, remember things. Reporter Laura Sydell from NPR mentions something very true:  Apple really linking up with Twitter now .. this should be very good news for Twitter.  Silicon Valley neighbors hooking up.

10:53 a.m.-Better Twitter integration in the OS.  Photos and contacts will link you to Twitter.

10:51 a.m.-New updates to your mobile (iOS) browser: 

1. Notifications to let you know about Giants scores, or stocks .. also to key you into Facebook updates. 

2.  Newsstand:  New way to get & update news; this is part of Apple's "Subscriptions."  Lots of magazines & newspapers pushed to your iPad .. new place in the app store to find & buy them all. This is "Newsstand." 

10:46 a.m.-Video of Steve Jobs opening up the event.

10:38 a.m.-Now talking iOS 5.  Top-selling mobile software.  Why?  iPhones, and iPads .. Apple has now sold more than 25 million iPads.

10:36 a.m.-
OS X Lion available in July, in the Mac app store.  It will download to your Mac.  About 4GB in size. $29.99 is the cost (big cheers, of course).

10:34 a.m.-One final "Lion" demo:  This one is all about mail.  Comes with a new "favorites" bar, so you can scan & search your mail (i.e., a person, or topic).   When you search for "trip," it asks if you want people, subject, dates, etc.  A way to drill down into your email.

10:28-"AirDrop:" a way to share documents between friends.  No need for "sneakernet."  AirDrop is a peer-to-peer sharing network.  You see yourself, and the pics of others using AirDrop at the same time.  Drag document over to their photo, and share it.

10:25 a.m.-"Versions" is a way to autosave everything you do.  Mumbling through the crowd:  This looks like Time Machine.  Love all the ways to save things - but does this mean we don't really need the Cloud?  And, isn't that what we're all here for.  Oh, and haven't seen Steve Jobs since he first kicked things off.

10:21 a.m.-In-app purchase, app store now built into Lion .. also talking up "Launchpad."  You can launch apps by pinching your screen, and apps pop up .. you can organize your apps now in new ways.  Still waiting on iCloud news.  Also, a big sign outside is covered up.  What could this be?

10:16 a.m.-Talking about and showing off Apple's new "Lion."  All about touching and swiping on your desktop.  New photo booth (very popular app) getting big cheers.  You get the feeling developers can't wait to get their hands on this stuff.

10:09 a.m.-Steve Jobs just too the stage.  5200 people cheering him on.  Place is totally packed. Jobs hands off to Phil Schiller .. now talking about Apple's "Lion" software updates.  Multi-touch zoom, swipe through photos ..
this all on a PC.

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