Livermore Asks Community to Help With Downtown Design Plans

Time to tap into your creativity, Livermore residents.

The East Bay city is asking residents to help them design plans for an urban living and work space that will eventually be built in the heart of downtown.

An empty eight-acre plot of land between First Street and Railroad Avenue is where the project will be built. What will be placed there is still unknown.

With the click of a mouse, residents have the chance to choose where to place housing, hotel, office, retail and conference center space in addition to parking spots and plaza areas.

"We’re looking to see, are there themes behind what people are saying?" Livermore's Community Development Director Paul Spence said. "Maybe everybody does want a little bit of open space in the heart of downtown. As people submit, we’ll begin to capture that we'll also be able to see where they want it, what kind of retail do they want, where do they want that retail. And maybe you're going to come up with an idea that we've never thought of."

Residents will have to keep in mind cost because the online building tool will let them know how much their project will cost the city.

The online tool has already sparked a number of citizens to submit their ideas. Residents who haven't taken part in the project have until the end of October to send their designs.

The hope is to have an exact plan in place by early 2018 with construction commencing in 2019.

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