Livermore Couples Stolen Vehicle Found With Lyft Decals

Four months ago a Livermore couple’s brand new SUV was stolen and Hayward Police recovered the vehicle only to find it was being used for Lyft.

The Honda SUV was fully intact when officials found it, with 11 thousand new miles on the odometer as well as several Lyft decals.

“I was expecting it to be just, you know, stripped, burnt, you know it’s a brand new car so I was expecting at least the rims to be gone,” said the owner of the vehicle, Josh Barton.

Hayward police and Livermore investigators are trying to figure out if the SUV had been in fact used as a Lyft ride share car.

NBC Bay Area reached out to Lyft about the situation and the rideshare company explained they were unable to match the car to any Lyft account in the area.

“We stand ready to assist law enforcement in any investigation,” said a spokesperson for Lyft.

The company also insisted that customer safety is their highest priority, and urge all customers to make sure the license plate matches the one that appears on the app prior to boarding.

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