Livermore Residents Coping With Extreme Heat

Starting this month, Livermore residents are getting a monthly water budget: For every unit they go over, they'll have to pay double.

Dealing with a third straight year of drought is challenging when you live in one of the Bay Area's hottest cities. Livermore hit the near the century mark for the third time this week on Friday.

The city’s public pool is one of the only ways folks can stay cool and conserve, but the Livermore Area Park District says the pool often hits capacity.

The ongoing drought is also taking its toll on other public spaces. Once green grass has been allowed to go dry all over the city and trees that were hanging in there despite lack of water are starting to die.

The city of Livermore has cut its outdoor irrigation in half over the past year. The city is urging its residents to make water conservation a permanent habit.

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