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Living Small in Larkspur: 668 Square-Foot Home Listed for $800,000

Hidden in Baltimore Park, the home has one bedroom and one bathroom

Finally, a home for sale in the Bay Area that is less than a million dollars. But there's a catch: It is only 668 square feet.

That’s right folks, for $800,000 you could own the quaint home in downtown Larkspur.

Hidden in Baltimore Park, the home has a bedroom and one bathroom. While small, the home at 123 William Ave. provides a rustic feel nonetheless.

The property’s realtors, Whitney Potter and Barr Haney of Own Marin, labeled the listing as having “an old world charm.” Potter also highlighted the surrounding Redwood trees and nearby access to Dolliver Park. Being nestled in this corner of nature is a great option for outdoor lovers of all ages.

Don’t worry though, as the listing is also in close proximity to downtown shopping and prestigious schools.

If the coziness of the home still deters you, the building resides on a lot just over 3,000 square feet. This extra land may provide space for those adventurous enough to expand the house. While daunting, buyers can be sure that their investment will not go unrewarded.

The housing website Zillow estimates home values in the area to be just over $1.6 million -- a 15 percent increase in just the past year. If looking closer into the neighborhood, a house just down the street sold for $2.26 million in 2015.

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