Inauguration Day

Local, State Law Enforcement Monitor Far-Right Groups Ahead of Inauguration Day

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Local and state law enforcement are on high alert as the inauguration inches closer, monitoring local groups due to threats of violence both in state capitols as well as the nation’s Capitol.

The monitoring of right-wing groups has already begun, and one group, the Bugaloo Bois, is under surveillance after a field office of the FBI produced a report that the underground group had plans of taking part in rallies across the country on January 17.

The extremist group is believed to have about a dozen members locally and is tied to fatal attacks on a Bay Area federal security officer and a local sheriff’s deputy. They are also tied to threat’s against Santa Clara County’s Director of Public Health, Dr. Sara Cody.

According to a report from Yahoo news, the group is hoping to be part of what will be an armed march in Washington, D.C. and the capitols of all 50 states Sunday.

Right now, steps are being taken to reduce the risk to the public. The mayor of Sacramento is asking people to stay away from the Capitol in the coming days, and said there will be a large police presence.

Ahead of Inauguration Day, airlines are also cracking down with a no tolerance policy at airports and in the sky. This comes after several lawmakers were heckled in airports on the way to the nation’s Capitol last week. An aviation expert said employees will be enforcing rules both about behavior and mask wearing.

“Now, they’re not giving you a warning,” said NBC Bay Area Aviation Analyst Mike McCarran. “You’re getting written up right away. And it’s a serious fine, $5,000 could go all the way up to $35,000. And you could also face jail time, up to five years.”

There will be increased attention to safety across the country as the nation approaches the transfer of power.

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