Los Altos Residents Offer Long Term Housing Rentals to Local Teachers

Los Altos School District leadership have started a new program to help teachers head back to the classroom and find affordable housing.

The Los Altos School District Board and Community Foundation created a housing program that offers rentals to district teachers in an effort to attract and retain quality teachers.

More than 20 residents are offering in-law units, apartment spaces and extra bedrooms below market rate to the district's teachers. The average rental rate is between $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the size of the rental. 

“It’s getting more and more expensive to live in the Bay Area in general, particularly in Los altos, and we want to find options for our teachers as best as we can,” said Sangeeth Peruri, Vice-President of the Los Altos School District Board.

“We want to find ways for our teachers to live closer to home, closer to our district and be part of our community,” Peruri said.

The Los Altos Community Foundation circulated a Google document toward the end of last school year to gage if any residents would be willing to offer housing spaces to teachers. At the same time, a survey was sent to teachers asking if anyone would be interested in rentals.

Now more than 25 units are available for rent and similar amount of teachers have expressed interest. Peruri says if all those units are filled, approximately 10 percent of the teaching force would be serviced by the program. Teachers who are single, have spouses and families have so far requested housing.

The pilot housing program will continue through the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

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