Los Altos

Los Altos Shop Owners Help Man Suspected of Breaking Into Their Business

Katherine Janes runs the Cook's Junction store in downtown Los Altos with her mom and sister. The family decided to do some detective work after they say a man broke into their store's back office last week and stole cash. The sisters felt police would take too long to find the suspect.

"We went around to local businesses in downtown, let them know this guy is around, be careful, keep your wallets, keep your purses (and) be aware of money that's left out because he will come back," Janes said.

The family has a number of surveillance cameras installed at their business and they carefully studied footage of the man they say stole from them.

Janes said the suspect came back the very next day, walked through the store and tried to get back into the office again. She immediately recognized him.

The sisters then followed the man while they called police. The suspect went into another business and that's when officers arrived and arrested him.

Police are identifying the suspect as 66-year-old George Nunnally, who faces felony charges.

Janes is just glad the suspect has been caught and said police are looking into whether he is responsible for any other burglaries in the area.

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