Los Gatos Officials Plan to Close Some Roads to Drivers Using It As a Shortcut

Los Gatos officials announced that they plan to shut down access to two downtown streets to limit the traffic cutting through their town.

The change is happening because of drivers cutting through their town. Los Gatos residents were not happy about the increase in traffic on their local streets.

The roads that lead to downtown Los Gatos are generally busy on weekends, but now it’s busier than ever because people are driving through the street to get to the beach.

Highway 17 is one way to get to the coast. The alternative is a shortcut through Los Gatos.

A traffic sign has been put up in Los Gatos tell beachgoers to use Highway 17 to reduce traffic within the city.

Los Gatos resident Dotty Schaffer is hoping that traffic can be alleviated by blocking certain roads.

"The simple solution is that the ramp to South 17 ought to be closed every weekend during the summer," Schaffer said.

Many business owners said their business is being affected because of the weekend traffic congestion. 

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