Los Gatos Residents Still Dealing With Power Outages Following Storms

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While the heavy rains have subsided, the recent storms have created daily challenges for people who have been without power for more than a week.

During the last storm, huge trees came crashing down taking out power lines. And for some this is day nine without power.

On Saturday night, there was a scare for dozens of people living in the Santa Cruz Mountains as PG&E was re-energizing power lines, one sparked, causing a small fire.

Los Gatos resident Arik Almog told NBC Bay Area Saturday that he couldn’t call 911-because he has no power, his phone service is out and cell service is spotty. He and his family live on Thompson Road and were on day eight without power.

“We had to throw away everything in the fridge. Hundreds of dollars of food that is not fresh,” he said.

Los Gatos residents Gabriella Lerner has two small children and has been without power for over a week.

“Now, we’re going nine days without power and at night. I have to wrap up my babies to keep them warm and every day. I have to drive into town to get gas for the generator. It’s a lot to deal with,’’ she said.

Downed trees have made it difficult for PG&E crews to gain access to make repairs.

The recent storms also caused significant damage to roads, washing some sections out, which is why tonight the road to Mountain Hamilton is closed, leaving people who hoped to drive up to the snow… disappointed

Marianne Favro has more in the video above.

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