Los Gatos Road Closures Could Leave Residents Stranded

Los Gatos residents are vacating their homes for fear of being stranded.

Caltrans and Santa Clara County have both scheduled repairs at the same time. Caltrans plans to close Highway 35 from Bear Creek Road to Black Road while the county is closing Black Road starting at Skyline Boulevard.

If done as scheduled, residents could find themselves stranded for more than a week.

“It doesn’t make sense,” said Los Gatos resident, Daniel Follette. “Why can’t they work together and open this up and close this one, or close this one and open, you know, vice versa.”

Many homeowners are upset and have even called to complain to both agencies, but nothing has been resolved.

“If there was a big emergency, how are we going to ‘get out?’” said Los Gatos resident, Jennifer Whitaker.

A Caltrans spokesman said the agency will reevaluate the situation on Monday, emphasizing their concern for residents.

NBC Bay Area reached out to Santa Clara County and did not receive a response.

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