Lost Steve Jobs Interview to Hit Theaters

A 1995 interview with Steve Jobs thought to be lost will be released in select theaters next week.

Magnolia Pictures produced, "Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview," for Apple fan boys and girls who can't get enough of the departed tech icon.

Journalist Robert Cringely interviewed the Apple co-founder in 1995 for a series he was working on called "The Triumph of the Nerds," which was a look at the history of the personal computer.

For years, the majority of the interview was believed to have been lost but it was found on a VHS tape in the director's garage.

Cringely appeared on NBC's Press Here shortly after the video was found. You can see that interview below.


Jobs was the CEO of NeXT computers at the time of the interview and in the movie he talks about his legacy and his philosophies on success.

After its theatrical release, Magnolia plans to sell the interview on DVD later this summer.

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