Low-Flying Navy Jets Buzz Over San Jose

A little freaked out by the low-flying military jets above San Jose Wednesday night? You aren't the only one.

It was a roar so loud, it brought South Bay residents out of their homes, looking skyward and prompted many calls and emails to our newsroom. But there's still no real explanation for the rumble above San Jose Wednesday evening.

A pair of military jets buzzed over San Jose sometime around 8 p.m. Wednesday, so low that the vibration set off car alarms and rattled windows in homes in downtown neighborhoods.

Mineta San Jose Airport spokesman David Vossbrink called the incident, "very strange" and said they had no details about the apparent flyover. Vossbrink says the airport had a "military request" for a fly-by and that the U.S. Navy jets flew over the airfield a few times but didn't touch down.

Officials at Moffett Field were also notified that the jets would be flying through their airspace.

We contacted the FAA about the bizarre flyover but they said they were unaware of anything unusual planned so it was likely just a military test run.

One of the email tips to our newsroom thought the jets were part of a graduation ceremony for Yerba Buena High School. An assistant to the vice principal said today that she was not aware of a flyover at the ceremony. We're waiting to hear back from the higher-ups in the school office.

So far, no pictures or video have surfaced so we had to use a file image of a B-1 Bomber and an F-15 E-Strike Eagle for this story. Were you quick enough with the camera to snap some shots of the low-flying jets? Send your pictures to us at newstips@nbcbayarea.com.

Jessica Greene admits she was a little freaked out, too, when the jets roared over her South San Jose home.

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