Lower Haight Landlord: Make $100K A Year or Leave

Haight and Fillmore building owner sets high bar for tenants.

The rental market in San Francisco is crazy right now -- so crazy that a Lower Haight landlord is asking his current tenants to prove they're making enough money to stay there.

Which would be $100,000 a year.

As first reported by the blog Hoodline, an unidentified property owner of a rent-controlled building has informed his tenants that they need to prove they're six-figure earners with a high credit score -- or pull up stakes and move on.

“The building policy/requirement of a current apartment applicant/resident is that they are able to establish that their minimum annual income is at least $100,000," says the letter, which is making the rounds on all the local Web sites.

But it goes on. "Of course," the letter adds, somewhat cryptically, "more is required."

A first-born? A pound of flesh? 

Housing rights activists are going apoplectic over the note, calling the notice illegal and harassment. 

Current tenants have no need, legal or otherwise, to prove their income levels, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. And $100,000 is also well over the median income in San Francisco, it's been noted.

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