Lyft Driver Beaten By Group of Dirt Bike Riders on Highway 101 Wants Swift Justice

California Highway Patrol investigators say they are not ready to officially name any gang or suspects tied to an attack on a Lyft driver caught on video.

Cell phone video shows the driver, Alex Quintana, being attacked Wednesday by a group of dirt bike riders on Highway 101 in San Francisco. Quintana said his nose and leg were broken during the attack.

"They were all hitting and kicking from everywhere," Quintana said in an interview with NBC Bay Area.

Quintana says CHP investigators are focused on one gang in particular. The group in question is considered very dangerous.

"We know that their methods are the same," CHP spokesman Vu Williams said. "I just can't tell you 100 percent certainty that these are the same people every single time.

Investigators may also have photos of suspects.

"They're going to have me go through pictures to see if I can remember any of them," Quintana said, adding that he will recognize the man who broke his leg.

Quintana thought he was going to die on the highway and leave behind his girlfriend and their new baby boy. He now wants swift justice.

"All I could do is lay there and cry, and think about my kid," Quintana said.

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