San Francisco

Equipment Problem Spark Another Major BART Delay

For the second time in a week an issue on BART left a train crawling through the Transbay Tube and slowed commute for thousands of people.

Transit officials said equipment problems are to blame and the problems are not going away.

BART spokesperson Chris Filippi said a populsion problem and a medical emergency caused system-wide delays early Tuesday for commuters. The incident comes just a week after another train was stuck in the Transbay Tube and caused delays to an evening commute.

When asked how to prevent the equipment problems from happening again, Filippi said "you do the best you can with your maintenance."

"Looking forward, what we are anxious aout or hopeful for is the fleet of the future," Filippi said.

But BART's new cars are still in the testing phase.

"Sooner would be better than later," commuter Sam Goth said.

And even though voters in November passed a $3.5 billion bond to rebuild BART's core systems, that too, will take time.

"It just doesn't happen overnight. We are not even into 2017," Filippi said. "We have this plan. It was approved by the voters."

BART said the new trains should be coming sometime next year, but did not specify when.

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