Major Movie Prop Sale in Brisbane

It’s full of thousands of props from movies and television shows shot in the Bay Area. Now, a major downsizing is underway. The ‘Prop Shop’ in Brisbane is selling most of the goods from its 15,000-square-foot warehouse over the next three weekends.

The props can be seen in the backgrounds of films like Zodiac, San Andreas, and Milk. There are briefcases and trophies. There’s a coffin, and a morgue table with a mannequin among the stacks of props.

"We shoot a lot of car commercials up here so I know those backpacks, those sleeping bags, and those coolers came from here," said owner Andrew Lewis.

Lewis says 98% of the warehouse is up for sale. Hundreds of people have already come through this weekend to see and buy the odd items.

"Literally I could have spent way longer here and could have spent a lot more money but you have to stop somewhere," one buyer said.

The owners say landlords tried to raise their rent 80%. They can’t afford that, so it’s time for their finale.

"So at that time we decided that we needed to find less expensive rent which is not easy to do in the Bay Area," Lewis said.

Lewis is moving a small part of his 30 year collection down the street to a 800-square-foot office.

"I have to go smaller, so instead of having 240 pieces of luggage I'll now have 10 pieces of luggage," Lewis said.

The sale will continue for three straight weekends from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

"I've never sold anything before so now the public is getting an opportunity to own something that was in a movie, tv, or commercial. So that's pretty cool," Lewis said.

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