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Bay Area Gas Prices Remain High, and No Sign of Them Coming Down

NBC Universal, Inc.

Gas prices across the nation continue to rise, and the Bay Area, as usual, has the highest numbers.

Experts studying the myriad factors that influence gas prices say those number aren't likely to come back down anytime soon.

The national average gas price stood at $3.47 as of Tuesday, but in the Bay Area, the average prices are far higher, with Oakland at $4.73, San Jose at $4.75 and San Francisco at $4.82.

The reasons behind the rising prices? There are several, but ht main issues, according to experts are increased demand for heating oil in the winter, and the growing tension between Russia and Ukraine.

Gas is not the only item becoming more costly: Inflation has impacted the price of several grocery items including meat, milk, eggs and toothpaste.

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