Another Bay Area Exodus? New Report Shows Many Residents May Consider Leaving

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New numbers from the U.S. Census show that Bay Area residents are more likely to consider moving out of the area than people in other major metropolitan areas.

But the reasons why are still up for debate.

San Francisco resident Jimmy Figueroa said he understands why the new Census numbers show that some locals are considering leaving the region.

“They were here for work. Then they decided that now they can remote work, they’re ready to leave,” he said.

"The American Housing Survey" conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau looks at rents, mortgages, other costs and neighborhood conditions.

Data shows that about 18% of residents in the greater San Francisco metropolitan area are looking at moving, that’s significantly higher than other metro areas in the survey. But the survey doesn't outline exact reasons for wanting to leave.

Rufus Jeffries with the Bay Area Council said their findings earlier this year revealed more about why people want to leave. He added the numbers should concern the business community.

“The top issues that people cite for thinking of leaving the region have to do with cost of living, housings costs, homelessness. More recently, this year, crime and public safety surfaced as another top issue,” he said.

Jeffries said the growing ability to work remotely may also be a factor. But also notes some of those leaving the city aren't going that far away.

“So people looking for housing in the Sacramento area, the Central Valley, San Francisco or Peninsula folks looking to the East Bay as a more affordable option,” he said.

San Francisco resident Samantha Styles told NBC Bay Area Thursday that her family is now on a month-to-month lease. She is now considering a move to Malibu.

Styles said her issue isn't prices but the quality of life.

“The reason that we want to leave is because the drugs are everywhere. I’m here with my daughter. We love San Francisco because we get to walk everywhere. Like that’s why I love this city. Now, I don’t carry a purse anymore. I put my wallet in my pocket. I don’t feel safe,” she said.

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