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Community Helps People Stay in Their Home as Eviction Moratorium Expires

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Community Helps People Stay in Their Home as Eviction Moratorium Expires

With the state eviction moratorium about to end, a Bay Area community group has been working nonstop to help people stay in their homes, despite confusion and language barriers -- and it appears to be working. 

Jose Romero is, with some help, making sure he and his family will continue to have a place to stay.

Inside a small East Palo Alto house, Youth United for Community Action (YUCA) is walking people through the process of staving off eviction by getting state help paying the rent. And it's all happening on this final day of the eviction moratorium.

"We're super focused on getting everything done today because today is the last day people can sign up to be protected,” said  Filiberto Zaragoza of YUCA.

The group said it's helped close to 3,000 local families start the process to stay in their homes.

Some have gone for help, and others to connect via community outreach.

"We have one-on-one conversations with the person, and we have the application right in front of us,” said Zaragoza. “We sit with them, and we fill out the application as we go."

And, while the process can be confusing and intimidating, "Unfortunately, people don't have computers sometimes, they don't have access to internet or wifi, and also some people can't read or write english or spanish,” said Kenia Najar, Program Director of YUCA.

Romero said it's been easy with help, and he's glad he came in.

Although the eviction moratorium ends Thursday evening, people can still apply for rental assistance Friday, and into the future, it's just that you will no longer be guaranteed state protection against eviction.

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