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Gas Prices Now Hovering Around $6 a Gallon in the Bay Area

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Gas prices across the U.S. continue to inch up, with the national average nearing a record while some Bay Area places have eclipsed the $6 milestone.

The national average gas price reached $4.32 a gallon as of Monday morning, and the state average stood at $5.83, according to AAA. A year ago, the average gas price in California was $4.10.

In the Bay Area, average prices as of Monday ranged from $5.81 in Solano County to $6.04 in Marin County, according to AAA.

Bay Area gas prices are hitting a record high and they’re catching the attention of local lawmakers, including California Congressman Ro Jhanna. Business and Tech Reporter Scott Budman explains how these numbers may change in the near future.

"I think in California that shock and awe happens at $6 a gallon. And I think for the rest of the country, a lot of consumers are probably saying $5 a gallon, given the fact that the economy is seeing some strength coming out of COVID," said Patrick De Haan, analyst for GasBuddy. "I think consumers have a little bit more appetite to hit the road; that is $4 may slow them down. But I think it's the $5 mark where there's a real sticking point."

De Haan says prices are up because demand is going up as we approach the Memorial Day travel holiday. And oil prices have risen as Europe has indicated it wants to sanction Russian oil because of its invasion of Ukraine.

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