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Man Arrested After Allegedly Filming Under Girl's Dress With Shoe Camera

A man was arrested after allegedly using a camera on his shoe to try to look up the dress of a girl at a store in Walnut Creek on Sunday afternoon, police said.

Jacques Bloxham was in the Apple store at 1200 S. Main St. around 3 p.m. Sunday and had placed a camera on the top of one his shoes, then moved his shoe so it was under a girl's dress, according to police.

The girl's father witnessed it and told Bloxham to stop, prompting him to run away from the store. However, officers caught him shortly afterward and a search of his vehicle revealed cameras and recording devices, including the one that was on his shoe, police said.

Bloxham was arrested on suspicion of using a camera device to secretly record the undergarments of someone, and annoying or molesting a child under 18 years old, police said.

Women in Walnut Creek say they’re disgusted by what happened. As the weather warms up, a lot of women are breaking out their sundresses.

Stephanie Ashton, a mother of six daughters, says she’ll be telling all of them what to look out for.

"I’m glad they caught him red-handed, and I don’t know how we can avoid these things in the future, if that's happening," Ashton said. "Where else has this guy been?"

Police said the investigation is ongoing and they are analyzing the devices to figure out how many women Bloxham may have victimized.

Bloxham was released on bail Monday morning. 

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Detective Gerstner at (925) 935-7606 and refer to report number 19-12719.

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