Man Critically Injured in San Francisco Christmas Night Fire Dies

From his hospital bed Patrick Ferry is thinking about the future.

The 63-year-old survived a Christmas night fire that ripped through his Victorian home on Baker Street in San Francisco. Ferry is recovering from severe burns to his hands suffered from the blaze.

But his partner of 29 years, Randy David Sapp, did not survive. The 59-year-old Sapp was critically injured in the blaze and succumbed to his wounds the next day.

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Ferry and Sapp spent the past few years restoring the Victorian. The two were known around the world for their metaphysical shop in Cole Valley.

There is no website for their shop, The Sword and Rose. Just Yelp reviews praising Sapp for his oils, incense and spirituality.

Ferry says a community is coming together to help him reopen the store while his burned hands heal.

He is busy thinking of the best way to honor his partner of nearly three decades and is planning a ceremony in the courtyard with lots of flowers and fancy stone work.

Ferry is not calling the passing of Sapp an end, but a new beginning.

"The last thing David would want me to do is curl up in a ball refusing to go on because of grief," he said.

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