Man Wounded, SUV ‘Riddled' With Bullet Holes in Berkeley Shooting

A man on Saturday was injured in a shooting that led to his SUV plunging into the Berkeley Marina.  

Officers responded to reports of gunshots on University Avenue near the Berkeley Pier around 3:40 a.m. They found the victim with multiple gunshot wounds and took him to Highland Hospital in Oakland.

Police did not specify the man's condition, but said that he is not a Berkeley resident.

The man's car had careened off the road and onto the San Francisco Bay seawall. 

A witness told NBC Bay Area that the white SUV had landed in the water and had been pulled to the shore by a couple of tow trucks.

No additional passengers were believed to be in the water, according to police.

Officers found numerous shell casings along Seawall Drive, forcing them to shut down the road while they processed the crime scene.

"Another group aparantly shot him out because that car was riddled," said witness John Vicars. "All of the windows were taken out, and there were bullet holes — at least 30 bullet holes to the car."

The investigation also led police to a man who is considered a person of interest in the shooting. This person is also not a Berkeley resident, and was arrested on unrelated charges.

Police kept the shooting scene cordoned off for a couple hours.

Anyone with information about the shooting are asked to call the Berkeley Police Department at 510-981-5900.

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