Man in Convertible Hit by Arrow

Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies are trying to figure out what motivated a man to fire a crossbow and hit someone else in the head with an arrow in downtown Guerneville.

James McNeil says he was sitting in a convertible car Tuesday when he saw a man fire the arrow from a third-story balcony.
McNeil says the arrow went through the roof of the convertible and hit him in the back of the head.

Residents of the Mill Street residence said the shooter recently purchased a firearm, Sheriff's Capt. Matt McCaffrey said.
Homes in the immediate area were evacuated for a time, McCaffrey said.

"There are no hostages. We're in no hurry to bust the door down.  Time is on our side," McCaffrey said.

The shooter faces a charge of assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder, McCaffrey said. It's unknown, however, whether the shooting  was intentional, McCaffrey said.

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