San Francisco

Man Suffers Severe Head Injury in Paintball Shooting

A 33-year-old San Francisco man is recovering from life-threatening injuries he suffered early Monday morning after someone shot him in the head several times with a paintball gun at point-blank range.

The shooting occurred in the 5800 block of Mission Street at the San Francisco-Daly City border.

Police are searching for a suspect but have few leads other than security cameras at a corner Arco gas station. The Arco manager said police contacted him Monday afternoon for footage, but he wasn't sure he had anything solid to give them.

The manager said footage shows people running around at the time of the attack, and the manager believes they knocked down signs at his station. But it's not clear if they're connected to the attack.

Neighbor Jamal Benhaddi said he typically gets home just after midnight, and Monday he arrived home to a strange and scary sight just a few hundred feet from his house.

"I turned my face and saw someone laying on the ground," he said.

San Francisco police believe there may have been a verbal altercation that happened right before the shooting, and the suspect may have come back and attacked the victim with a paintball gun.

"I'm sorry for the guy, really sorry for him," Benhaddi said.

The victim, a homeless man, has since been upgraded to stable condition.

It was the second reported paintball gun attack in the city this year. The first happened in May, three miles north on Mission at Cortland. In that incident, the victim was hit in the eye.

No arrests have been made in that shooting.

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