“Muni Humper” Terrorizes Passengers With Pelvis

An unknown transit perv assaults women on lewd and lascivious spree

A "young, short, 'kind of squatty'" man has reportedly been harassing female commuters repeatedly during rush hour on the N Judah train by "humping" them and then jumping off the train when discovered.

One passenger has been assaulted twice and witnessed a third assault of another passenger according to blog Muni Diaries.

The perp reportedly wears a baseball cap and "a T-shirt with anime or some sort of T.V. character."

Commenters at another local blog, SFist, are sharpening their elbows in anticipation of a run-in with the suspect.

As humorous as this may be, it is a crime. Victims or witnesses should report incidents to the police, who may be able to use security camera footage to identify the man.

If citizens are looking to take matters into their own hands, a cell-phone photograph is an ideal way to help bring the person to justice. If you spot him, drop NBC Bay Area a line, or Twitter at us: @nbcbayareacom.

Photo by Charles Haynes.

Jackson West restrained himself from making the obvious "the new Muni budget humps us all" joke.

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