Man Tied Up, Beaten During Home-Invasion Robbery in Milpitas

Police are now looking for suspects, who remain at large.

A man was tied up and beaten during a home-invasion robbery in Milpitas, police said.

The victim's roommate, Steve Janning, stopped by during a lunch break Friday to find the middle-aged man lying on the ground and hurt.

"His hands were zip tied really tightly behind his back to the point that his hands were turning purple and blue," Janning said of when we found his roommate.

The victim was taken to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

"I did what he asked and didn't touch him and had police come as soon as they could to help him out," Janning said.

A neighbor told NBC Bay Area he saw a U-Haul truck parked outside the home for a couple hours earlier in the day, but did not think much of it until police arrived. The neighbor thinks robbers took their time ransacking the home.

Milpitas police detectives swarmed the home Friday afternoon and gathered evidence inside for nearly four hours. They believe the victim was targeted.

Police are now looking for suspects, who remain at large.

Janning said the robbers stole nearly everything in the house, including electronics, weapons and two surveillance cameras near the front door.

"Seeing the amount of stuff that was missing and also the fact that they had stolen my guns and also my bows, that's a little scary," Janning said. "It makes me hope they don't do anything bad with those guns."

Janning is hopeful his roommate will make a full recovery.

"I hope they find these guys quickly and give these guys what's coming to them," Janning said.

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