Man Uses IPad as Passport and Gets Into the US

You might know the old trick of bringing your passport to the bar if you've forgotten you ID, but what about bringing your iPad to the border if you've forgotten your passport? Yeah, it's a new one.

Recently a Canadian man entered the United States by showing the border officers a scanned copy of his passport on his iPad.

At the moment, this isn't exactly legal yet — only passports, enhanced driver's licenses and Nexus passes are supposed to be used at land crossings — but it worked for Martin Reisch when he forgot his passport.

Both ways, mind you: the man wasn't stuck in America for eternity with nothing but an iPad and a good story.

While using digital identification isn't listed as a viable option yet, it may very well become one in the future. Why not? We do everything else digitally, and it does seem a whole lot easier to remember your iPad than you passport.

Our new concerns would be if our batteries are dead rather than if we forgot our passports. And for that, hopefully someone will finally figure out the solar powered cell phone.

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