Marco Scutaro Named 2012 NLCS MVP

Marco Scutaro was named the 2012 National League Championship Series MVP following the Giants 9-0 Game 7 win over the Cardinals and it couldn't happen to a better -- or more deserving -- player.

He batted .500 for the series, played brilliantly in the field and, according to MLB's official Twitter account, led the league in "guts." OK, then.

"My teammates, I wouldn't have done it without you," a rain-drenched Scutaro said following the game. "And the fans, you guys are the best. You bring so much energy every single day. And also I want to thank the Giants family for trading me over here and giving me this opportunity.


Scutaro's scream was hilarious, but it was also clearly genuine. And his point about the Giants trading for him just goes to show you what this team sometimes accomplishes when they go out and grab a guy that no one thinks will make a huge difference.

It worked with Cody Ross in 2010 and it's working with Scutaro in 2012 as well.

Fittingly, Scutaro caught the final out of the NLCS, a pop-out by ... Matt Holliday. Holliday, of course, slid into Scutaro at second base and appeared to injure the Giants infielder. But he played through the series and his teammates, as they told reporters have, were inspired by Scutaro's play.

"He was the rock for us," Hunter Pence said when asked about Scutaro.. "He was the foundation. He started all this for us. We feel he's the MVP, he carried us and it's pretty incredible."

Incredible's a great word for watching Scutaro on the field with the rain pouring from the skies in the ninth inning, celebrating a soon-to-be victory for the Giants (via Bill Hanstock).

As he said afterwards, the "rain never felt so good."

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