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We’ll visit Marin City and meet people committed to improving the health and well being of all the community’s residents in part through exercise outdoors in public parks and open spaces.  We’ll learn about Marin City’s "Park Prescription” program, associated with our region-wide "Health Parks Healthy People” initiative.  We’ll enjoy the new Rocky Graham Park in the center of town. It was designed by residents and financed with support from park partners and the voters of Marin County and symbolizes Marin City’s growing devotion to healthy parks, healthy people and a healthy community.  We’ll hike into the hills above town to see where Marin City’s leaders and park partners are taking young people from nearby neighborhoods outdoors to explore and help steward the National Park in their own backyard.  Marin City was founded with a large African-American population during the World War II shipbuilding boom in nearby Sausalito.  After the war, the community suffered from severe employment and housing discrimination in Marin County, and poverty and poor health followed.  We’ll be inspired by the strides being taken by local residents and their park partners to create a brighter and healthier future for everyone.


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