Marin County Pilot Program Brings Back Special Ed Classes

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Some students in Marin County were heading back to the classroom Monday morning for the first time since it closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, part of a pilot program for special education classes.

All eyes will be on the program as schools in the Bay Area and throughout the state are trying to figure out how to safely reopen classrooms this fall.

The Marin County classes will have only 12 people inside at a time, including teachers and teachers' assistants. No one else will be allowed inside the classroom.

"We took some furnuture out of the classrom to make room," special ed teacher Cindy Evans said. "I teach middle school, sixth, seventh and eighth grade. So they'll all have their own desks. And we move the desks so we're all at least six feet apart."

A special education teacher in Marin County talks with NBC Bay Area's Terry McSweeney about one school's plan to get special needs students back in class.

The students going to school are the same students Evans has had all school year. The school district says it’s working with county health to follow guidelines similar to pop-up child care that was offered early on for essential workers.

Staff and students showing up Monday will be getting health checks, and there will be regular disinfecting in the classrooms to maintain safety.

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