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Marin County Police Release Photos of Duo Suspected of Defrauding 50 People with Debit, Credit Card Skimmers

The Central Marin Police Authority has released photos of two men suspected of victimizing dozens of people in a credit card skimming fraud case, a police spokeswoman said.

All the victims used their credit or debit cards at the pumps of the Gas & Shop at 750 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. in San Anselmo during the past 60 days, police spokeswoman Margo Rohrbacher said.

As of late Saturday afternoon, at least 50 people — living in Marin, Sonoma and Contra Costa counties — had been hit, Rohrbacher said. 

One victim said that $500 and $400 were withdrawn separately from his account last week, Rohrbacher said.

The thieves capture data from the magnetic strip of the victims' credit card or debit card pin numbers and then make a card that contains that data, Rohrbacher said, adding that the skimmers can be place outside or inside the gas pumps. 

However, Central Marin Police Authority detectives determined last week that the skimmers were no longer in place at the Gas & Shop station.

The two suspects in question were photographed by ATMs at banks when they withdrew money from the victims' accounts, Rohrbacher said. 

Both suspects are men who appear to be in their 30s with tan skin and a full beard.

One suspect is heavy-set and was clad in a dark colored sweatshirt, beanie and dark colored pants, police said. The second suspect was thinner and wore a red hat and dark colored jacket with a light colored shirt underneath.

Police are asking people who recognize the suspects in the photos to call Central Marin police at (415) 927-5150.

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