Marin County

Marin Water District to Vote on Restrictions, Fines as Drought Conditions Persist

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As the Bay Area continues to deal with drought conditions, a vote will take place Tuesday that would impose mandatory water restrictions in parts of the North Bay.

Officials with the Marin Municipal Water District will vote to declare an emergency water shortage and propose restrictions on water use that would impact nearly 200,000 residents in southern and central Marin County.

Some of the restrictions include limiting outdoor watering to one day a week along with putting a halt on washing cars and refilling swimming pools.

The resolution would call for fines of up to $250 for violators. First offenders would receieve a warning then the fines would be levied for subsequent violations.

The North Bay and other parts of the Bay Area are seeing historically dry conditions and low levels at its reservoirs. The hope is the restrcitons will extend water supply through the summer.

If the Marin County ordinance passes Tuesday night, restricitons will go into effect May 1.

Similar water conservation efforts may also be forthcoming in the South Bay and San Francisco, with the South Bay asking for voluntary conservation.

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