Mark Zuckerberg Hires a Security Team

The next time TMZ wants to catch Mark Zuckerberg in an awkward moment, it may have to go through his security team.

The Facebook CEO has reportedly hired a 24-hour personal security team to protect him and his new home in Palo Alto.

The 27-year-old is the world's youngest billionaires and he has quickly become one of Silicon Valley's most recognizable faces.

Zuckerberg has unfortunately had to deal with stalkers getting too close. He took out a restraining order against one man who was harassing him at his home and at Facebook's headquarters.

News of Zuckerberg's security detail came from Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston, who revealed in a recent Forbes interview that he was interecepted by a security force on a recent visit to Zuckerberg's home.

"I'm not sure I want to live that life, you know?" He said.

Zuckerberg probably doesn't want to live that life either but having more than 600 million people use a site you created apparently limits his choice in the matter.

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