Mark Zuckerberg's Security Guards Win Restraining Order Against Man, 61

The men who protect Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg's home needed a little help to keep themselves safe. 

Fifteen security guards who stand guard at the billionaire's Mission District home have won a restraining order against a man they say has been harrassing them since may. 

The order, which went into effect on July 8, prohibits 61-year-old William "Gordon" Kinzer from being within 500 yards of Zuckerberg's house in San Francisco's Mission District.

Kinzer has made repeated threats to the members of the security team, who work on rotation, calling them "'monkeys' or 'slaves ' and invoking Christianity or God," according to Mission Local.

A police spokesperson told the publication that Kinzer was arrested a block from Zuckerberg's home on July 9, the next day.

He can appeal the ruling on his court date, July 28.

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