Martin Agosta Amped ‘Hometown’ Giants Drafted Him


If Giants supporters are looking for a fan-favorite player to emerge from the 2012 MLB Draft, look no further, because St. Mary's pitcher Martin Agosta, taken with the 84th overall pick, is likely going to be that guy.

The right-hander, who went 9-2 for the Gaels last season, is a monstrous Giants fan who claims, via the San Francisco Chronicle, that he's attended "millions" of games.

"I can't believe my hometown team selected me," Agosta said. "I was joking with my dad: 'I'll probably get drafted by the Dodgers.' And to be selected by the Giants is just a total dream come true."

Of course, it's actually impossible for Agosta to have attended "millions" of Giants games -- that would require him being, like, 10,000 years old. He's not that old, thankfully. Then he would be a terrible draft pick.

Besides, he's young enough to be a huge Tim Lincecum fan, as Agosta describes the Freak as his favorite player.

"I've gotten the most inspiration watching Tim Lincecum pitch these last few years and see what he's been able to do," Agosta said. "I think now you're starting to see more pitchers with smaller frames who are a little bit shorter who have been able to pitch well."

At 6'1", Agosta isn't the biggest guy in the world either --'s scouting report notes that his height will "certainly scare off some" but he's still got juice enough to burn a fastball across the plate.

He’s not the biggest right-hander in the Draft, which will certainly scare off some, but he’s shown an ability to run his fastball up to 94 mph while sitting comfortably at 92 mph. Above-average run and sink make it an even better pitch. Agosta’s curve and changeup both have the chance to be solid Major League average pitches, and he has a solid idea of how to keep hitters guessing. Undersized right-handers always have a tougher time proving themselves, but with the way he’s pitched, a team that’s willing to buck that conventional wisdom should take a shot within the first few rounds.

The Giants aren't afraid to buck conventional wisdom with a local pitcher either -- Lincecum's mechanics were an issue coming into the draft and that worked out OK for San Francisco.

If Agosta becomes even half of that, he'd be a ridiculous steal at 84.

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