Vodka Martini Going for $43 Thanks to Special Ingredient – Karl the Fog

A vodka martini that’s all the rage in San Francisco is selling for $43.

Why the hefty price tag? Karl the Fog.

“It's quite an interesting drink to be totally honest with you,” Robert Martin said.

Epic Steak on the Embarcadero is now serving a martini, using Fog Point Vodka from Hangar 1 in Alameda, which harnesses one of the Bay Area’s most infamous resources: fog. 

"We're really proud to carry something so special and so San Francisco,” said Epic Steak’s beverage manager, Nick Henry.

Hangar 1 captures the low level marine layer at four sites across the Bay Area with the help of a mesh, according to the company’s website. Hangar 1's site claims the process helps save water, which is particularly useful amid California's drought.

“It's a condensation that runs down into a reservoir or sorts and they're able to harvest about half a liter to a liter a day from each of these fog catchers,” Henry explains.

And that effort will cost you – $125 a bottle.

Henry describes the martini as having “little salty, briny notes on it. It's an elegant vodka."

Martin experiences fog nearly every morning, but on Friday he sipped some from a glass.

“I wasn't sure about the fog aspect of it, but it actually added some flavor to it that I wasn't expecting,” he said.

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