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Mask Guidance Unclear for Some Bay Area Workers, Customers

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The state officially reopens Tuesday, allowing vaccinated people to unmask in most indoor and outdoor locations. 

But that doesn’t mean every business is ready to go along with the new rules and when it comes to employees -- things are still very unclear. 

Many business owners say they will adhere to state guidelines and allow customers to take their masks off, but some plan to keep their mask mandate in place at least for now, for workers and customers. 

“It’s all about safety and it’s about our safety too,” said Marty Breen of Forward Motion.

Breen’s been in the business of helping his customers at Danville’s Forward Motion stay fit and healthy for 30 years by providing top notch running gear. 

With health in mind, he says he’ll continue to require both staff and customers to mask up while inside his store.

Many business owners Monday night were putting last minute touches on their plans for changes ahead of the state’s reopening Tuesday. Cheryl Hurd reports.

“We’re right down touching peoples feet and shoes and tying shoes for them so we’re very close we’re right next to people so we want to make sure everything is safe and protected for us,” he said.

Starting Tuesday, the state will do away with much of its masking and social distancing rules for vaccinated customers. And CalOsha is expected to lift the mask mandate on Thursday for vaccinated workers with Governor Gavin Newsom prepared to make sure the change takes effect immediately. But it’ll still be up to business owners to ultimately  decide whether to require face coverings. 

“As soon as we get CalOsha saying we don’t have to wear them, my employees won’t wear them,” said Drew Nichols.

The CDC says fully vaccinated people can ditch the face coverings. However, the California mask mandate won't change until the state officially reopens on June 15, 2021. We show you when you'll need to mask up in the Bay Area and California until then. If you're fully vaccinated, check out how the mask guidelines change for you after California reopens on June 15.

The owner of Primo’s Pizzeria and Pub says his patrons won’t need to cover their faces starting Tuesday, and he can’t wait to get the green light for his staff to do the same soon. 

“They would love to and I know I would too,” he said. 

Many folks like Ted Johnson, are excited for the state to reopen, he said he’ll respect the rules each business sets and while he won’t wear a mask most of the time, he’ll still carry it. 

“To be able to work out on a treadmill and have a heavy sweat soaked with perspiration is one of the great things I’m really looking forward to,” said the Danville resident. “If I feel I’m in a situation where I’m not sure about everybody, I’ll always have this or something around in my pocket just in case.”

The owner of Forward Motion says nothing will change at his store quite yet, he feels it’s just best to play it safe.

“We don’t want to be asking people if they’re vaccinated,” said Breen. “We don’t want to put people on the spot and to go through that situation so we’re just going to require it regardless if they’re vaccinated or not. “

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