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Mask Mandate Straddling Between Santa Clara, San Mateo Counties

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Whether to take the mask off or leave it on now that California has lifted it's mandate, is still a big decision for a lot of people.

However, it can be a especially tough decision for businesses in the Bay Area on the border of one county that lifted the mandate and another one that has not.

People can go from Santa Clara County with a mask to San Mate County without one, but some believe its still very much an individual decision.

Wednesday was expected to be a big day for Mami Cheli's and other cafes in San Mateo County with the lifting of the mask mandate.

But some workers and customers didn't think it would cause any rush of customers.

"My personal opinion is I like coming to an establishment where people are masked up and doing what they think is right to protect the customer," said Matt Wagner, a customer.

Ruby Oseguera, the manager at Mami Cheli's, told NBC Bay Area customers have the option to wear masks or not.

She said it does not make her uncomfortable at all "because we're taking our own precautions either for our safety or theirs."

One of the most emotionally involved groups in this decision is gym members.

In San Mateo County, lifting the mask mandate at a 24 Hour Fitness gym pumped up attendance.

"Great energy and great positivity in San Mateo right now," said 24 Hour Fitness District Manager Logan Newell. "I'm actually over in Santa Clara right now and it's solid. It's good. Kind of business as usual as its been lately."

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