San Jose

Massive Developments Get Green Light in South Bay

Two massive developments in the South Bay got the green light Tuesday after San Jose and Santa Clara agreed to drop lawsuits holding things up. Each was worried the other city's development might bring in too many people too quickly.

In two years, Santa Clara plans to unveil a massive 230 acre development, including offices, stores and more than 1,000 new residential units.

Merlita Millan, who lives nearby, is worried about overcrowding and traffic.

The city of San Jose was worried too and filed a lawsuit addressing traffic concerns. On Tuesday, the two cities announced they reached an agreement.

"Right in the beginning we get $4.5 million to address traffic impact as soon as they pull their first permit," San Jose City Attorney Rick Doyle said.

Meanwhile, residents like Milan said traffic is already bad and question whether the deals the two cities made will be enough to preserve the quality of life in her neighborhood.

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